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Communication in social networks

In social networks, the assumption of presumed anonymity can lead to thoughtless behaviour in dealing with data and information. As a result, social networks are increasingly being targeted for fraudulent activities.

You should always consider the following aspects when dealing with social media:

  • Never publish and discuss personal and confidential information in public virtual space. It can have legal consequences if you publish unconsidered and unprovable allegations.
  • Every social network has the option of making personal information accessible only to certain categories of groups of people via filters. Check out these options so you never run the risk of having to welcome thousands of strangers to your private birthday party.
  • You like to have as many friends as possible in social networks? Be careful not to forget the good old saying: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. Accepting friends uncritically can have a negative effect on you – e.g. if you are looking for a job. Many employers inform themselves about the activities of the applicants in social networks and use this information to make selection decisions in the application process.
  • Always check social networking settings for privacy protection.
  • Be aware that especially in social networks there is the risk of deception. Perpetrators deliberately deceive and manipulate their victims by providing them with misleading or potentially dangerous information.


If you detect misuse or misconduct on social networks, you can and should report it to the service provider and appropriate authorities or organizations.

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