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First introduction

The internet in this digital period offers to explore many ways of a virtual world without the constraints of the actual real world. Content on the internet is not broken into age or developmentally appropriate areas. And that is the problem! Some content may be illegal, inappropriate, offensive or unsuitable for some age groups. Without supervision and guidance, anyone, even a little child, can find content that is disturbing, explicit or inappropriate. Many disturbing websites are not ‘illegal’ which means that no one monitors and manages them. Seeing inappropriate online content accidentally can have a traumatic effect especially on your children. The example of inappropriate content could be: promoting hate based on race, religion, disability, sexual preference, violent extremism, sexually explicit content, real or simulated violence. As a parent you need to protect and guide your children during their first steps on the internet and educate them so they become responsible and independent Internet users.

Practical relevance – This is what you will need the knowledge and skills for

After learning this content unit, you will know what is inappropriate content, what it includes and how to protect yourself against it.

Further, you will learn about methods of spreading inappropriate content and about the impact on everyday life.

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