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The forms of objectionable content are rich. The most common include

  • Pornography
  • Violence, Extremist behavior
  • Dangerous products
  • Racism or Hate
  • Pro-Ana sites
  • Sites with extremist content

Often the content is undesirable and harmful, but it may not be illegal. This depends on how to load them, respectively how to prevent its accessibility. However, both illegal and legal harmful content can similarly have an undesirable impact on those who encounter it.

In general, it is advisable to contact the police with illegal acts. However, it is sometimes essential, above all, to quickly prevent the distribution of such content, and it is possible to turn elsewhere for that purpose. If you encounter illegal pornography or an extremist site, report it to the Police.

First of all, children (depending on their age) shouldn’t meet dangerous content at all. For example, filters in the Internet browser can be helpful (for example, it is possible to disable the display of a page containing the term “porn”, etc.).

Parental controls are software or device-specific options that allow parents to monitor their child’s internet use. They prevent children from accessing inappropriate or unsuitable content online. They can be implemented within your internet service provider, search engines, video streaming sites and more. The most often tools oft he parental control on the Internet is:

  • Set up the parental controls for your network on router
  • To use the applications monitoring the child‘ s internet time
  • Restrict internet access on wifi
  • Put the parental control on web browsers

The most important protection against the inappropriate content is the discussion and care for our children, to know what they do and to be interested in their needs and hobbies. We can have the helpful tools for protection as the laws, parental controls, software settings, supporting institutions, but the key is the trust between you and the child.

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