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First introduction

Hardware and software are interconnected: without software the hardware of a computer would have no function.

Digitalisation is transforming our economies worldwide. Whether at work or in private life, there are always some issues regarding hardware and software that affects all of us. In addition, hardware and software must be updated, upgraded or replaced regularly due to the existence of serious risks to organizations and also to the overall society.

In this content unit you will learn about the most common attacks concerning hardware and software and what you can do to protect yourself from that.

Do you know that most problems are software problems? For instance, computer software can fail for multiple reasons because virus and/or malware infections on your computer are very common because people often download or click in something that aims to do some damage to your computer. There are many ways to rectify software problems such as uninstalling and reinstalling, upgrading, using updated anti-virus software and checking the manufactures website for patches. But there is more that you can do as you will see in this content unit.

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