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Hardware and software protection are essential aspects of security, being responsible to preserve valuable software assets due to malicious activities on software.

Although hardware and software are interconnected, and without software the hardware of a computer wouldn’t work, and vice versa, hardware and software are two different things: Hardware is any physical component used in or with your device, whereas software is the logical part of your computer, or other device. Some examples of hardware are the main board, computer monitor, printer or a mouse, and some examples of software are a videogame or a program like Microsoft Office.

Even though it is impossible to avoid the possibility of having a hardware or software incident there are multiple measures/tools that you can follow to prevent yourself in the best way that you can. The hardware is exposed to human error, becoming damaged without proper care, like regular cleanups and physical protection against the elements (water, heat, cold, etc.). Software is exponentially more sensitive to external threats: it can be affected by cyberattacks such as Trojan horses, viruses, phishing attacks, spywares, malwares, between many others. Therefore, it is crucial that you take measures to minimize the risk of cyber threats. For instance, you must use multiple strong passwords and frequent backups, keep software firewalls and an updated antivirus, as well as deploy a website filter to block malicious websites. 

As we can see, prevention is the key to avoid software problems, hence the solution is being proactive. In other word, the best option is always to take some actions to protect yourself from cybersecurity threats!

To conclude, it is important to keep in mind that attacks are constantly evolving and, because of that, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest safety behaviors and protection measures.


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