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First introduction

Have you experienced some malicious attack where, for example, someone tried to steel an important document or private information through a link present in an email? If something like that happened to you were cybersecurity victim.  

Nowadays, cybersecurity is a big concern. Cybersecurity involves preventing and detecting digital attacks, protecting systems, hardware and software. Cybersecurity is also related to preventing, detecting, responding and recovering from cybersecurity incidents that can be intended or not. Usually, cyberattacks are aimed at accessing, changing, theft or destroying data/information, extorting money or interrupting normal businesses and critical infrastructures. Did you know that according to recent studies the total cost of cybercrime for each company is around 12.000.000€?

Therefore, cybersecurity is a current debate that needs to incorporate society as a whole, since each person has an important role regarding the protection of their own digital information.

Practical relevance – This is what you will need the knowledge and skills for

Cyberattacks are happening all the time, meaning that keeping software, hardware and data safe and secure is more important than ever. Despite this, there is only a shortage of people with these skills so learning how to get started in cybersecurity can help you with your own personal internet safety.

After learning this content unit, you will get in touch with the term cybersecurity and why cybersecurity is so important nowadays. Additionally, in this content unit you will know what you can do to take some cybersecurity measures in your everyday life.

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