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Parental Control

First introduction

Exercising parental control in order to guarantee the safety of the minors in their care has always been one of the functions of parents and guardians. Nowadays this function is expected to be carried out by them and becomes even more important.

They can face numerous dangers such as sexting, grooming, cyberbullying, netholism, and disclosing information. These dangers consist of exposing or being exposed to sexual content, being harassed by an adult, being bullied, becoming addicted to the Internet, or having their data exposed.

All of them can entail negative consequences for the victim regarding their emotional and physical health. Paying attention to these dangers and their first consequences it is possible to establish some tips and detect the problem.

Practical relevance – This is what you will need the knowledge and skills for

After learning this content unit, you will know the importance of parental control to protect children and adolescents from dangerous situations they could get involved while using different technological devices.

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