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We live in a world of globalization where the internet allows us to communicate to everyone anywhere in the world. Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives and are a great way to stay connected with others.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube are popular among all ages and are constantly working to captivate currents and new users.

Nevertheless, despite of all the advantages that this kind of platforms offers to users, there are a lot of security and privacy risks related to their constant and careless use. In fact, fraudsters take advantage of users’ social media habits to lure them to phishing scams and attacks that compromise their devices and data. Therefore, everyone should acknowledge their responsibility in maintaining a safe online environment, while understanding the risks of an online presence. Being cautious, choosing a strong password or installing antivirus software are some of many measures that a user must adopt to gain control of their safety while using social networks.

As the world evolves to a single digital market it is fundamental that everyone is aware of the laws applied to the protection of personal data, like the GDPR and how that applies to different digital scenarios.

In conclusion, government, society and end users must work together to protect the privacy and safety of personal data in social networks.

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