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Better hardware protection

Now that you know what hardware and software is and why you should protect it, in the next two chapters you will get to know typical attacks on hardware and software and measures to avoid both.

In the next following pages, you will be in touch with the most common attacks for hardware and in order to help you protect yourself, we will give you some tips and recommendations to prevent yourself from hardware troubles.

But, first of all, you need to know what hardware protection is and what the most common attacks on hardware are.

Hardware protection is related to the protection of the physical devices that must be carried out by a person.

But what are the most common attacks to hardware?

There are three attacks that happen more frequently. The two more common problems are in the table below:


Physical accidents


Physical accidents such as dropping water in a physical component or improper use can be caused by people. This type of hardware problems can compromise threats to computer physical safety

Modifying hardware, software or anything else to perform a function that was not originally conceived or intended by the original designer/future owner of the hardware

For example, the main consequences of common attacks to hardware are:


Malicious hardware modifications from insiders represent a serious threat. Therefore, is important to know the original source where you buy hardware components. For example, critical infrastructure components like microprocessors can be inside of your computer to control you.  

Physical accidents

Hardware can be very fragile and also, very valuable. Heat, humidity, vibration, temperature extremes, dust, water and physical accidents to physical components are actually the biggest threats to a computer’s physical safety.

Therefore, you must keep all of your hardware properly cleaned, far from excessive heat sources and you should keep liquids far from the computers, smartphones and tablets.

After knowing what can happen to your hardware you must be curious about what tips and recommendations you can use to keep your hardware safe.

Please find a few steps to protect your hardware in the following list:

  1. Hardware modifications are illegal unless you agree with that type of alterations. For instance, if you want you can do some modifications in your computer in order to improve something (speed, capacity, etc). Because of that, you must avoid buying hardware components from risky sources/countries like online platforms that are still unknown from the general public even if the price is very low and attractive because, usually, hardware that comes from untrusty sources can pose a security threat;
  2. There are also special tracking systems that can be used to find if, for example, your hardware is stolen or lost;
  3. In order to take good care to your hardware you should always install and use updated security software. This tip will be more detailed after when we talked about software protection;
  4. Avoid placing your hardware on high surfaces and far from heat sources, water, electrical circuit;
  5. Clean your hardware very gently with a dry cloth or a special tool, like long handle brush and soft bristles, wipes that you can buy on specific stores that sells hardware stuff. Keep this tip as your maintenance rule and as often as necessary.
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