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This unit focusses on the importance of parental control to protect children and adolescents from dangerous situations using internet or technological devices.

Since we are in a changing world where technology evolves day by day, the dangers minors have always faced can come through new routes. These risks can also spread and magnify easily through the Internet.

In order to carry out the task of keeping minors safe while they interact and expand their circle, it is necessary to know the risks and the ways to avoid them. For this purpose, it is important to set the ways in which dangers could reach the youngest ones (social networks, games, video platforms, etc) and the available tools to stop or detect them.

Having exposed the different ways in which dangers can reach children and teenagers and the tools and functions to keep them under control, it becomes necessary to specify these risks and their consequences. Some of the dangers that minors face are sexting, grooming, cyberbullying, netholism and, disclosing information. These dangers should be understood to deal with them or even to detect them.

Some of these consequences can directly affect minors’ emotional and even physical health. If we pay attention, there are visible effects that can drive as to the root of the problem to take action.

However, the best option, when possible, would be preventing situations such as sexting, grooming, cyberbullying, netholism, and data disclosure instead of dealing with them. In order to do so, ways of exercising parental control on the Internet and technological devices and some tools will be exposed. It will also be possible to find some tips to keep minors away from each of the dangers mentioned above.

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