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Smartphone Protection

First Introduction

Social media, instant messenger, shopping, games, apps, taking a quick photo or do some googling – many people can hardly imagine everyday life without their smartphone. For making phone calls, however, it is used less and less. The clear trend is towards typing instead of making phone calls. This is also shown by a look at the number of users of instant messenger services: About 1.6 billion people worldwide are using WhatsApp, and around 1.3 billion communicate with their friends via Facebook Messenger. Using these services is child’s play. But what dangers do lurk when using instant messenger services or other smartphone applications with regard to data privacy? It is not without reason that Facebook or other providers of free smartphone applications are repeatedly criticized by data protectionists. Find out how you can better protect your smartphone, your data and your privacy!

Practical relevance – This is what you will need the knowledge and skills for

After completing this content unit you will be able to better assess the risks associated with the use of instant messaging services or other smartphone apps, and you will get to know some useful steps to protect your phone and your privacy from unwanted risks.


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